Is this website only for test booking?

The major function of this website is for test booking. However, you can also view our short descriptions for test profiles to have a clear understanding of the tests you are booking for.

Why should I fill out the questionnaire on the website?

While reviewing your test results, the doctor will refer to your details to give more personalized comments and recommendations. Your results will also be sent to you digitally using the information you provide. Be at peace, our clients: right to privacy is our priority.

What should I do in preparation for the test?

You do not need to do anything in preparation for the test. We carry out home services. If there is a need to fast before a blood test, you will be notified. And if there is a need to reschedule your appointment, kindly notify us early.

Do I need a doctor’s prescription before I can book a laboratory test?

You may or may not have a doctor’s prescription to book a laboratory test. So, you can book a test without a prescription.

How soon will I get my test results?

Each test requires varying turnaround times (time required to complete test analysis and report result). Meanwhile at MedBioTech Laboratory, we offer fast, accurate and reliable tests.

How do I book my tests online?

To book your tests online, kindly fill the questionnaire which involves necessary personal information.

How will I know the time to come for my sample collection?

While booking your test, you will select a convenient date on the calendar and we will attend your premises for the appointment.

How will my samples be collected?

Your convenience is our priority. Hence, we come to you for your sample collection. Your blood samples will be collected by a trained phlebotomist. For the other kinds of samples, one of our trained staff will put you through the procedures and precautions to follow.

If I am booking a test without a doctor’s prescription, how do I get a medical counseling or interpretation of my test results?

Our medical team includes Medical Doctors, who will interpret your results and counsel you as appropriate.